Our Camera

Blueprints360 utilizes the Dodeca 2360 video camera system that captures high-resolution video from every angle simultaneously. The camera head is a compact ball with 11 sensors arranged in a dodecahedron shape to allow for optimum image capture in all directions. With its spherical shape, this state-of-the-art camera system yields maximum image resolution, scalability, image manipulation and display options.

Weighing in at a mere 2.5 pounds, this advanced camera boasts huge results, delivering 100 million pixels at 30 frames per second with full surround sound. Its lightweight nature also makes it highly portable for use with automobiles, helicopters, backpacks and rigging equipment, along with available accessories.

Our Software

At Blueprints360, we create interactive Video Blueprints by merging the video data collected with your building's floorplans and blueprints. These Video Blueprints can be played on your computer, over the Internet and even integrated into the ESRI ArcGIS® environment. Using the OnScene Viewer software, viewers have complete control of their view of the Video Blueprint. Choose any location within the building to trigger full-motion spherical video. Change speed, direction or vantage point with a simple click of the mouse. It's a true interactive experience!

Your Facility

Transforming your blueprints and floorplans to fully interactive Video Blueprints has never been easier. First, a Blueprints360 representative will meet with you to determine how a Video Blueprint can best meet your needs. We will review your blueprints and floorplans with you to determine the most useful routes through your facility. After the routes have been plotted, a Blueprints360 technician walks or drives the planned routes in your facility, capturing every angle in high-resolution spherical video, which is then saved to our proprietary data storage and tagged with your geographic information system (GIS) data.

The digital footage is transferred to our processing facility, where our OnScene Viewer software merges the video and GIS data with the plotted routes on your blueprints or floorplans to create a seamless, interactive Video Blueprint. Your Blueprints360 Video Blueprint can be delivered to you through a secure website that is password-protected or on a high-resolution CD. Now, your Video Blueprint is ready to use on your website or company intranet, send to clients or distribute via CD or DVD.

Contact Blueprints360 today to start seeing things in a new dimension with a Video Blueprint.